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Preschool Learning

Spark a Passion For Preschool Learning at Our Education Center

Our preschool strives to give your family the most comprehensive childcare in the Columbus area.

The professional staff in our pre k educational center are leading the way in nurturing our community’s children. Whether you are looking for a daycare service to watch the kids while you’re at work or you just want to give them an enriching activity, we are here to help.

Families in Reynoldsburg, Ohio know that our staff at It Takes A Village Early Education Center provides cutting-edge educational services for their children. Here’s how it works.

Our comprehensive curriculum isn’t just classes and busywork. It’s an evidence-based educational system that allows your child to learn through discovery and exploration.

Children are inherently curious about the world around them. We have designed our education center to foster this love of discovery. Your child will be free to develop interests and explore the wonders of learning within our enriching educational framework.

At this vital stage in your child’s development, building the core aspects of critical thinking is one of the most important things your child can accomplish. Many children struggle in the classroom because they are lacking the confidence that comes with this educational foundation.

Creativity is what drives our world. Our educational environment helps your child explore their creative side. When your child stays with us they will be getting access to the best childcare as well as some of the most advanced education our community has to offer. Let’s give your child a head start before they are ready to jump into school.

If you are looking for preschool learning that can provide your child with a cutting edge pre k education, get in touch with us today.

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