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Child Daycare

Our Child Daycare Program Lets You Stay Connected

Finding the right child daycare or infant childcare ‘near me’ means choosing an educational center that can put your needs first.

We know how tough infant care can be. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure you can put your mind at ease. At It Takes A Village Early Education Center in Ohio, we are using a combination of the latest technology and a deep sense of compassion to treat your family right.

Our child daycare program uses the industry-leading app Brightwheel. This app gives parents everything they need to stay connected with their child even while they are away at work. We partnered with Brightwheel because we know how important it is to keep parents connected with their kids.

Brightwheel gives you all the information you need to stay on top of things. With Brightwheel you’ll have the ability to monitor educational progress with learning assessments and daily reports. The app also features a convenient messaging system complete with photo and video capability. With our app, you can watch your child learn and grow in real-time.

Brightwheel also comes packed with other convenient features like the calendar with built-in bill paying. Not enough tech for you?

Our daycare center uses modern technology to keep your children safe. We have state-of-the-art security cameras at our daycare facility in addition to a controlled entrance and exit system. We follow strict entry and exit protocols to ensure that your child stays safe and you can have some peace of mind.

It’s not just your child’s needs that we take care of. We know that being a parent is hectic work. We provide you with free diapers and wipes at our center. No more annoying messages about running low on essential supplies or being forced to haul boxes of wipes and diapers around. Our business is childcare and we take care of it all.

Columbus area families can count on our team to handle every aspect of their childcare. If you would like to learn more about infant childcare ‘near me’, get in touch with us today.

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